8oz bottle of A/C Compressor PAG Oil 100 for R-134a

A/C Compressor PAG Oil 100 for R-134a - 8oz

  • $9.25

Item specifics

Type: A/C Compressor/PAG Oil

Condition: New

Brand: Arctic Air

Manufacturer Part Number: CH10008

Interchange Part Number: CH10008, 590102, 590002, 59002, 59882, pag100, Pag 100, Cool Bear, 920029, 241192, RO0901B

Warranty: Yes

About the Product

PAG Oils are specifically formulated to lubricate auto A/C compressors with R-134a systems. They vary in viscocity (46, 100, and 150). Before buying, be sure to look up the specifications of your car's make and model to determine which PAG viscosity suits it's A/C system.

Arctic Air sources and bottles PAG oils in the following viscosities: 46, 100, 150. The oils are bottled in a clean room omitting essentially all moisture content, and providing the cleanest, purest PAG oils in the marketplace.

PAG Oils can readily absorb dust and moisture and become contaminated. To avoid contamination, containers must be recapped immediately after each use!

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