Warranty void if compressor is not installed by an EPA 609 certified professional installer.

Arctic Air warrants its compressors and parts for a period of twelve (12) months from date of purchase if our installation procedures are followed.

Warning: Warranty for compressors excludes all commercial type vehicles including Vans, Diesel, HD or Super Duty Pickups and vehicles used for Taxi, Limousine, and First Responder services. The warranty for these vehicles is for 90 days if warranty guidelines are followed.

  1. The accumulator and orifice tube or the receiver-drier and expansion valve must be replaced at the time of installation. Some vehicles are equipped with a liquid line with built-in orifice tube. If your vehicle is equipped with this type of line, the complete line must be replaced. Some newer vehicles are equipped with an inline filter. If your vehicle is equipped with an inline screen filter, it must be replaced.
  2. The entire A/C System (condenser, evaporator, and hoses) must be completely flushed with approved flushing solvent prior to installation of the compressor. If your vehicle has rear A/C, it will have two expansion valves and two evaporators.
  3. If your vehicle is equipped with a parallel flow / micro tube style condenser, it’s impossible to properly clean and must be replaced.
  4. If your vehicle is equipped with a filter drier built into the condenser, the complete condenser must be replaced.
  5. You must submit receipts for all parts and materials purchased for your warranty to be valid. Written receipts are not acceptable.
  6. You must submit a work order/invoice for the work done on your vehicle for your warranty to be valid. Written receipts are not acceptable.
  7. Please have your mechanic fill out Defective Review Form on reverse side.
  8. No credit will be issued for warranty returns with any component parts missing.
  9. Warranty will be void if there is any noticeable tampering with labels on the compressor housing.
  10. Credit for defects will be issued after our internal verification and testing is completed if the compressor is found to be defective.

Arctic Air’s liability for any defective product or allegedly defective product is limited to replacement of that product with a non-defective product or refund of purchase price at Arctic Air’s choice. 

Arctic Air does not reimburse for nor accept claims for labor, freight, or refrigerant. Prior authorization (RMA#) and shipping instructions must be obtained from and product must be returned to Arctic Air with freight prepaid.


Download a Defective Review Form here