77549 AC Compressor for 2000-2008 Ford Thunderbird / Jaguar S-Type / Lincoln LS

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Item specifics

Type: AC Compressor

Condition: New

Brand: Arctic Air

Four Seasons: 77549, 78549

Manufacturer Part Number: NC77549

Other Part Number: CO 102530AC, 6511487, 7511587, Scroll

Interchange Part Number: 1521477, DW77549, 10344911, 10349260, 10349261, 10102530, 11102530, 12102530, 638740, 2041591, YB593, YB594, YC2489, YC2518, YCC148, YCC301, 255689, 274480, TEM255689, TEM274480, 2011006, 2011006AM, 2021972R, 140025, 140025NEW, 2638N, C515, C515R, 010025, 5511487

OEM1: 2R8H19D629BC, 2R8Z19V703BA, BU2Z19V703JA

OEM2: XW4H19497CB, YW4Z19D784BA, ZZ19972AA

OEM3: AJ812568, AJ89497, AJ89498, XR81188

Warranty: 1 Year

UPC: 790255020327

This part is compatible with

2002-2005 Ford Thunderbird 3.9L

2003-2008 Jaguar S-Type 4.2L

2000-2002 Jaguar S-Type 4.0L

2000-2006 Lincoln LS 3.9L

About the product

The AC compressor in an integral part of a car's AC system and is responsible for pressurizing refrigerant and passing it along the evaporator. If your car's AC isn't working, you may need to replace its compressor. Keep your system safe with a New AC Compressor from Arctic Air! When replacing the AC compressor, be sure to flush the system and replace the accumulator/drier and expansion device.

We stock a wide range of Auto AC parts to keep your car running smoothly. Buy now to take advantage of free shipping within the Continental US!

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