BlueDevil POUR -N-GO! Head Gasket Sealer

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Item specifics

Type: Head Gasket Sealer

Condition: New

Brand: BlueDevil - Formerly Red Angel

    Manufacturer Part Number: 00209

    Volume: 16oz.

      About the Product

      BlueDevil POUR-N-GO Head Gasket Sealer is formulated for the DIY customer who has limited time, or is not mechanically inclined. This 16oz. size is intended for the customer seeking a single repair on a 4 or 6 cylinder engine. It's easy to use and cheap, yet high quality, making it can excellent choice for consumers!

      • Easy to use Pour-N-Go! do it yourself formula
      • Permanent leak repair and sealant for head gaskets, heater cores, freeze plugs, and cooling system leaks
      • Contains no solid or particulate matter that can harm a vehicle's engine