A/C Compressor Clutch - York, A2 Groove, Keyed, 12V Connection

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Item specifics

Type:?? A/C Compressor Clutch

Condition:?? New

Brand:?? Arctic Air

Compressor Type:?? York

Shaft Type:?? Keyed Shaft??

Pulley: A2 Groove

Design: 1 Wire 12V Connection

Volts:?? 12V??

Lead Wire:?? 1 Wire W/Male Bullet

Groove Style:?? DOUBLE

Diameter:?? 178 mm

Mounting Distance: 42 mm

Make: Freightliner, Volvo, CNH

4 Seasons:?? 47534??

Manufacturer Part Number:?? CL301A

Other Part Number:?? 392 34530, 439 E802500, 439 E802530, 490 130223

Interchange Part Number:?? CA-301A, 490 C9RJA, 490 D2NN19D649AA, 4SE 47534, 4SE 47979, 655 1669746C1, 655 1669746C91, 655 425450C92, 655 481806C91, 655 ZGG12136, 680 K33223, 680 K33229, 680 K33232, 695 1MX246, 695 IMX246, 695 IMXA1281, 765 181866, 875 176330, 875 176455, 875 311607760, 875 611033606, 876 27074272, 876 27089233, 876 502742, 880 027089233, 880 27089233, 880 A2210795, 880 A2222498, 880 A227555, 880 ABPN83303012, 880 ABPN83303102, 880 ABPN83303432, 880 OOC502393, ABP N83303012, ABP N83303102, ABP N83303432, AGA 332334, AGA 502742, AGA MA7A, AIR 600312, BER 650481, BER 650496, BRG 650481, BRG 650496, CCB 948223, CCB 948227, CET 11631C91

Warranty:?? Yes??


This part is compatible with

1973-1979 Jaguar XJ12?? 5.3L

1972-1979 Jaguar XJ6?? 4.2L


About the product

AC compressor clutches control the transfer of power from the engine to the vehicle's air conditioner. When a car is turned on, the clutch body is rotated around a pulley by the drive belt. Then, when the AC is turned on, the system provides power to the clutch coil, making the clutch connect with the AC compressor.

Your vehicle's AC system may need a clutch replacement if the clutch won't engage, it screeches, or the AC system in your car is blowing warm air.

If the clutch is melted, it means that there is a restriction in the system, most likely metal shards. If there is a burning smell or the clutch no longer turns, the entire compressor, condenser, and drier must be replaced. Also, since it is a closed system, it must be vacuumed down twice for 45 minutes and flushed with solvent.

Keep your system safe with a new AC Compressor Clutch from Arctic Air! We stock a wide range of Auto AC parts to keep your car running smoothly. All of our products are??of the highest quality as per OEM specifications. Buy now to take advantage of free shipping within the Continental US!

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