Diesel 3 Part Oil Conditioner Kit

Diesel 3 Part Oil Conditioner Kit

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True Brand
Diesel 3 Part Oil Conditioner Kit

“For Professional Use ONLY”
True Brand  Diesel 3 Part Oil Conditioner Kit is designed to remove oil system  deposits, remove water from the fuel system, and protect the engine  friction surfaces. 

· Improved fuel economy 
· Reduced emissions 
· Smoother operation 
· Improved cold-weather starts


About True Brand

Truth - Application / Directions:

· Safe for all diesel engines. 
· 1. Pour entire Diesel Treatment into fuel tank 
· 2. Add entire Oil System Bottle to Engine Oil before oil change, start  vehicle and have vehicle idle for 5 min. 
· 3. Change oil and filter. 
· 4. Add Oil Conditioner (Leave in with new oil)

Truth - Features / Benefits:

 Process # 1: Diesel Treatment
True Brand Diesel Treatment is a concentrated  formula designed to clean the entire FUEL SYSTEM. This formula removes  water from the fuel system by suspending water and fuel together and  removing the water through the combustion process, helping improve the  combustion process and will help reduce exhaust emissions and smoke. 

Process # 2: Oil System Cleaner 

True Brand Oil System Cleaner is designed to  remove oil system deposits, gums, and varnish. True Brand helps improve  oil circulation while extending engine life by removing abrasive wear  metal and dirt particles. 

Process # 3: Oil Conditioner
True Brand Oil Conditioner is a friction modifier  and extreme pressure components that will help protect the engine  friction surfaces while cleaning. This is an oil based product that is  designed to stay in with the vehicles regular oil for the full oil  change interval.