Fuel System Decarbonizer: TB2100

Fuel System Decarbonizer: TB2100

  • $6.99

True Brand
Fuel System Decarbonizer 

“For Professional Use ONLY”
True Brand Fuel System Decarbonizer  is a concentrated formula specifically designed to penetrate  and dissolve harmful deposits that are found on intake valves and  combustion chambers. It contains powerful solvents and detergents that  clean fuel injectors by removing harmful deposits that restrict fuel  flow. True Brand Fuel System Decarbonizer will restore the spray  pattern of the injector.

 It can also be introduced through injectors using any  canister type air or pump flush machine. True Brand Fuel System  Decarbonizer is not harmful to fuel system components such as gaskets,  hoses, o-rings, rubber components and seals. 

For BEST results True Brand Fuel System Decarbonizer is 
recommended every 15,000 miles or 1 year