True Brand Diesel Fuel Treatment TB21211 fl oz

True Brand Diesel Fuel Treatment TB21211 fl oz

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True Brand
Diesel Treatment

True Brand Diesel Treatment is a  concentrated formula designed to clean the entire FUEL SYSTEM. This  formula removes water from the fuel system by suspending water and fuel  together and removing the water through the combustion process. 
True Brand Diesel Treatment dissolves carbon deposits , gums, and  varnishes with added lubrication, oxidation and corrosion protection for  fuel-system components. Helping Provide: 

· Improved fuel economy 
· Reduced emissions 
· Smoother operation 
· Improved cold-weather starts 
· Helps remove water For BEST RESULTS use every oil change or every  3,000 miles!


About True Brand

Truth - Application  / Directions 

· Pour entire contents into fuel tank every 3,000 miles. 
· Entire content of bottle will treat up to 30 gallons. 
· This formula is good for ALL diesel engines. 

Truth - Features / Benefits True Brand Diesel Treatment will help  provide increased power while lubricating injectors, valves, upper  cylinders, and rings while cleaning. True Brand Diesel Treatment will  help improve the combustion process and will help reduce exhaust  emissions and smoke. 

· Cleans fuel injectors 
· Provides rust and corrosion protection for fuel-system components 
· Helps Prevent oxidation of fuel with Fuel stabilizers 
· Helps lubricate to protect pump and injector parts 
· Helps raise the cetane number in diesel fuel 
· Helps reduce exhaust smoke and diesel knock