TWO (2) - 2 Oz. Car / Automotive AC Cleaner & Deodorizer with Free Applicator

  • $19.89

Two (2) - 2 oz Car/Vehicle A/C Cleaner & Deodorizer with FREE Applicator
- Breathe Clean Air -

Eliminate mold + mildew and their odors trapped deep inside the evaporator / heater system. Contaminants such as mold and other bacteria are naturally occurring and present in your air! Contaminated air conditioning and heater evaporator / cores can cause foul smelling, health threatening mold and mildew deposits. Moisture, lack of sunlight, and a warm environment help mold and mildew live and grow. 

Eliminate mold + mildew buildup in your car's evaporator system in one easy step. Just attach the enclosed clear tube to the can, place it into the vent slit in your dashboard and spray. In just 5 minutes the super foaming action flushes out and neutralizes unwanted contaminants that live in the air conditioning and heater systems of vehicles.

Don't delay - breathe better today!