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The auto air conditioning system is a closed system. Once the system is opened, it must be properly handled to ensure proper functioning.

The #1 reason for auto air conditioning compressor failure is an improperly-handled installation.

To properly install an auto a/c compressor, the system must be:

  • Evacuated
  • Checked for contaminants
  • Flushed with flushing solvent
  • The parallel flow / microtube condenser, filter drier, and expansion device cannot be flushed and must be replaced. Even a small amount of debris in the system can cause compressor failure.
  • The correct viscosity and amount of oil must be added.
  • The correct amount of refrigerant must be measured to OEM specs and added. We do not recommend using charging cans because they are difficult to measure and properly charge with.
  • Unless a leak is detected or suspected, we do not suggest adding UV dye during installation as this adds unnecessary moisture to the system.
  • We also do not suggest lubricant enhancer be used as this has the same effect. Moisture has a corrosive effect to the system.
  • We recommend the use of pure Arctic Air brand oils to ensure a moisture-free system.

We have some online instructions available here.

Our technical support staff is happy to help you find a certified A/C installer so that it is done right the first time.  For more information please call (215) 322-3052 or fill out our contact form.